A Coating is a covering that is applied to the surface of car paint in order to improve the appearance of the car paint and protector its. Our coating provides the best protection for car paint. Each type of our coatings has different thickness, hardness, water-repellency and acid rain resistance, each able to prolong durability, reduce chances of damage and help maintain a deep, vibrant gloss on car paint.

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Professional Car Wash

Our team can provide professional car wash service to remove the observable dirt such as sand. We will clean the...
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Applying coating on wheels can greatly reduce scratch marks caused by the roadside stone chips. The product provides 12 months...
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Interior Detailing

Car interior is where car owners come in contact with most, a clean and neat environment is thus very important....
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JT Aqua Coating

JT Aqua Car Coating is the next generation car wash technique of pronounced effect. After the aqua car wash, the...
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Coating Care

After the application of car coating, coating care is necessary to enhance and maintain the protection effects. Doing coating care...
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