JT Paint Protection Film

JT Paint Protection Film as knew as PPF that is tailor-made by using 3D scanning technology. The three-dimensional pattern of each car converted into a flat image to 2D Printing. PPF can cover any part of the body shell and the surface of PPF is using a newly developed self-healing coating technology. When the PPF has been scratched, the film will rapidly recover. The surface scratches will vanish to provide long-lasting surface protection and never scratches for car paint.


Before the film, we will evaluate the satiation of vehicles for each customer, and then to provide paint correction service, to ensure that no scratches and dirt affect the finished quality and results.



What is JT Paint Protection Film?


  • Self-healing of coating technology
  • Tailor-made for each car
  • May cover any part of the body shell
  • Long last of protection
  • Never scratches


Services are included:

  • Evaluate the paint condition
  • Professional paint correction
  • 3D Scanning
  • Paint protection film


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