JT Air con Sterilizing Service

JT Protector launched Hong Kong’s first endoscopy of Air con Sterilizing services. We observe the inside of air conditioning system with endoscopy, and use the sterilization and odor removal Attomax solution for cleaning work. It can clean and eliminate dust, dirt and bacteria from air-conditioning system successfully. Creating a fresh and sterile air purification of car service to you and your family. It takes about an hour to achieve a cleaning, disinfection and sterilization triple effect.



What is JT Air con Sterilizing Service?

Air con Sterilizing services is using an endoscopy that connected with avoid demolition cleaning machines. The endoscopy go inside to air-condition system through air-conditioning filter to observe out the inside of evaporator.


The hose nozzle that connects the avoid demolition cleaning machine with high pressure. It can spray sterilization and odor removal Attomax solution to evaporator uniformly. The active ingredient of cleaning fluid and sanitizers can penetrate into the evaporator internally. It can reduce the interaction of dirt and evaporator, prompting the dirt from the evaporator blade flaking off. Achieving deep cleaning and destroy the molecular structure of bacteria. And finally the sewage will be discharged to the bottom of vehicle’s air conditioning.


Air con Sterilizing services is not only can sterilize, but also can deodorizing. After cleaning procedures, the odor was no longer at the car and air-conditioning system. The air quality has improved significantly, and can maintain a healthy compartment space to owners and their families. It takes about an hour can be achieved cleaning and disinfection and sterilization effect.


  • Cleaning the car air-condition with endoscopy
  • Cleaning thoroughly
  • Sterilization
  • Remove odor from air-conditioning system


Services are included:

  • Observation and evaluation of air-condition system with endoscopy
  • Air-conditioning system Cleaning
  • Sterilization
  • Remove odor from air-conditioning system


Price: $ 1488

Add $ 150 change new air separator

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