JT Protector is a professional car detailing company, our core value is “Customer First, Service Foremost”. Our aim is to provide the best coating service to all the car owners. JT Protector not only offers professional coating services on car paint protection, but also takes care of the car interior. Each type of our coatings has its own unique features that help protect the car body and maintain a deep, vibrant gloss on car paint.

Our raw materials are from Europe and Japan, and they are sent to Taiwan for product development and professional testing. JT products are SGS certified or Japanese certified, and are custom-made to meet our customers’ need.

In order to bring the finest products and services to our customers, we have developed a comprehensive car care system. With the help of our professional technical team, high quality coating material and well-organized car caring methods, we are able to look after your car in and out. From the exterior shininess to the interior freshness, we guarantee to provide you the best of our best.